Special 3D card, for that special someone.

 I loved this card the moment I saw it.  

Making it, did take some time and also 4 times more material than I would normally use for a card.  But for those one off cards for a special person it is worth it. 

So back to basics, here are my notes for making the card and I hope they make sense. 

The joining the card sections together is pretty self explanatory but here are some more photos that show the placement of the matted design pieces.  

Tip:  start with the center tower and build the card sections up from that point. 

embellish any way you like.  You will see that the have made little tag envelopes that I have attached to the inner side cavity of the middle sections.  
The front panel I have attached with 2 pieces of cardstock folded in half and stuck to the front tower section at the fold and the panel  

  I hope you give this one a go. Let me known how you get on by leaving a comment. 

Happy crafting