Sunday, August 10, 2014

This years Advent Calendar - St James School gala crafts

This year I thought it would be good to have a few more hand made Xmas crafts for the Gala so here is an Advent calendar set I have made for the Craft stall.  
Made from mainly Stampin up products, there are 25 gift boxes all together.  I have made a box to either display, gift or store the gifts boxes in as well.  

Each box is 2x2 so this should allow for a reasonable size chocolate treat 
or small gift to be placed inside. 
Should have enough time to make another couple of sets for the gala.  

Happy crafting. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Scrap album - gala crafts

Scrap Album

While cleaning out my craft room I came across some scrap paper that I had sewn together for no other reason than for something to do.   So to utilize the paper I decided to put together an album for the gala. 
These are the papers, two 8x8 sewn together 

All I needed was the front and back covers, so I used chipboard, a thickness of 2, for each cover.  I covered both piece with patterned paper and joined.  
This give the cover a little more stability.

 Then I used my Zutter to bind the book.
 It was looking a little bland so add a few handmade flowers (using pages from an old book)

 So I might make a box for the album now.  Watch this space. 
Happy crafting

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Smash Journal for the Bach reno

For the next few months we will be completing a renovation on the family Bach.  So to record the process I have made a smash journal.  The kids and I will be attempted to do as much as possible by up-cycling, re-cycling and good old hands on manual labour.  

We will under take the renovation room by room and record each step and cost or saving along the way.  

This weekend will be our starting point with a before photo session.  LOL the kids have watched way to many TV reno programs and are a little hooked on 'House rules' 

We will blog some of our progress along the way. 

Happy crafting

Monday, August 4, 2014

St James Gala is on the way - first installment

Yep,  less than 2 months to go and it will be here. 
Unfortunately, I will be inundated with the crafts that I will be making for the event. 

First installment Handmade cards 

I have embossed and inked the Xmas cards.  I am doing packs of 2 this year, with the exception for the pop-up flower cards. 

Next on the list memory boxes.