Friday, December 26, 2014

Three little cards.

I recently made these cards for a Card making competition.  I have never entered one before and it certainly gets your mind working over time just thinking about what you can do or should do.   

Cards mean different things to different people.  
Possibly something that brings back memories or just something to identify who give you the present.  And currently my boys favourite is the means to transport a gift card. 

   I made a card a few years ago now and spent a bit of time on the card and the envelope.   The first thing they did was to tear the envelope in half, hence now I attempt to use recycled paper or scraps for envelopes.   
Unfortunately the card did not fair much better and a couple days
after the birthday the card went into the rubbish.

  I am like my mother-in-law and I save a lot of the cards that I receive in particular those that have been handmade.  Even the handmade cards that the kids have received are stored away in their memory boxes.
    I recently meet a parent of one my sons school friends and they mentioned a card that he had given to their child for a birthday 3 years ago (a waterfall card). He still had it on display in his room.  Isn't that great?  
I like to think that a card is a little like a photo and can bring back memories.

Anyway back to the cards:      
You can decide which look you want for the front of this card. The inside cover has a blank section for a sentiment.  
This card is a little more girly and I love the feather on the tag just under the doll stamp.
And yep,  I made a envelope for each of the cards. 
This card is similar to a card I made for my father-in-law.  He is not in to fuss and like things simple.  

I hope you enjoy.


Glyn's Girls - Layout

I did this layout for a friend for Christmas. 
I used Kaiser papers with mainly Prima embellishments.  I stencilled the base paper in a couple of places with modeling paste. 

I used a real peacock feather. 
Then framed it in a shadow box frame from Typo.  
Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Only 2 more nights sleep to go until Christmas day

Yes, only two large trees this years. 
 I have not counted the small trees that the boys have placed around the house but it definitely feeling like Christmas. 

The boys tree have a couple of hand made decorations that we made. 
I will the blog the origami folders required to makes these soon.  Needless to say you will require a 4x4 square for each petal, 5 petals for one flower and 12 flowers for the ball.  But they do look fantastic. 

Merry Christmas. 


Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Sleigh, when bigger is required.

Yep,  I had thought about giving friends one of the Chocolate Christmas sleighs as our family Christmas gift however they just didn't seem big enough as a family treat so I decided to up size and here is the result. 
So to appreciate the size I have include the little sleigh for comparison

So I started with jelly bean canes, then Christmas fruit mince tarts, Chocolate coated Almonds, Chocolate sticks and Rum balls then topped with mini chocolate bars (berry biscuit) and chocolate coins in little bags.  

A good family size treat. 

I have decided against making a gift box with these one 
and opted for cellophane and ribbon. 


Monday, December 15, 2014

Wrapping up the sleighs - Teachers gift

P.S. note from Christmas eve:   My little gift boxes won the 'Gift tag, wrapping and stocking stuffer' Artfull craft December challenge.  Such a nice little surprise to come home to on Christmas eve.  Many thanks Artful crafts.

Yep,  the risk factor of my son dropping the Chocolate sleigh was just too much for me to bear so I have made gift boxes for them. 

So the first one I made the box from Cream and red Card stock and matted some Stampin up Christmas paper on to green card stock.  On the top I made to flowers from Serviettes. 

 The box is made the some as the above and on the top I made 3 little parcels. 
Now its just whether they get to school without him eating them.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Some quick and simple Christmas cards.

Finally found my heat gun, phew.  I missed placed it for 2 months and was just about purchase a new one.  Unfortunately did do some cards without embossing my stamps which I usually do.  Oh well, all's well, that ends well. 

Here are a couple of cards that the kids and I did this morning, after breakfast and before they found better things to do. 

Stamped and embossed the base card stamp and the gold section at the bottom left.
  I used kaiser tags and some lace to embellish.

Happy scrapping.

Teachers gift for 2014

Yep, only a few days to go and the boys are all off for the summer break.  So Teacher Xmas gift time.  This year I have gone for a chocolate Christmas sleigh. 
Candy canes, Kitkat bars, the small Cabury chocolate bars (berry biscuit, Hokey pokey and peppermint)  and a glue gun.  Finished off with ribbon and twine.

All good and ready to go. 

Meri Kirihimete


Friday, December 12, 2014

All about Love - Layout

Yep, I had another day out crafting with the girls.  Here is one of the layouts completed today. 
Sometimes I do get a little carried away with layouts of my boys, so this time I have decided to pick on some of the other members of my family.  Little brothers turn today and his beautiful lady.  Like their children they are so photogenic. (Unlike me)

Again I used K&Company papers and flowers from Prima.  A couple of extra embellishments like a 'light bulb moment' and a silver feather.  


Hope you like it.


All Grown up - layout

My sister-in-law took this photo of my niece which I just love.  Gone is the teenage girl that my little boys ran around after.  She spent most of her time having to pick Kiwa up and carry him around.  She is just so grown up now.  

I stenciled the base paper and I used a couple of different embellishments including an old broach and a feather in a small cored bottle.   The Paper is from K&C and flowers from Prima. 

Hope you like it. 


Monday, October 27, 2014

layout: Memories are made of those

After a recent scrap evening with the girls,  I managed to do only 1 layout.  The great conversation with the occasional snack may have slowed me down a little. 

Here it is.  I stenciled with modeling paste, unfortunately the photo does not do that justice.

 stenciling with Modeling Paste

Beautiful Prima flowers for embellishments

 A few cut outs from Kaiser papers

Hope you like.  Be well.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

It has been a long time....

You know those moments in life when you need to stand back and take a breath, well that is about now for me.  Life has been hectic.  With a bereavement (my father) early last month and an a family illness, my life has been a little on hold while I just do what needs to be done, in the hope that others believe that you are managing everything.   You often watch movies where things like the above happens and some how the lead just gets on with what is needed and everything looks pretty and life is sweet.  
Hm, wouldn't that be great, but no Oscar here unfortunately.

Well, after many deep breaths, beautiful family (Gregor, Brennan and Carlynn), wonderful friends, who just sit there and let you rant and of course those moments when no one is watching, hopefully I am back on track to normality. 

So today, I have a scrap play date tomorrow evening, first one in a few months.  It is a little funny that for the first time in many years I have not taken that many photos for the last 2 months so hopefully I have a photo that needs a layout completed.  

Please watch this space I will be back scrapping my spare time away.

Nga mihi mahana



Sunday, August 10, 2014

This years Advent Calendar - St James School gala crafts

This year I thought it would be good to have a few more hand made Xmas crafts for the Gala so here is an Advent calendar set I have made for the Craft stall.  
Made from mainly Stampin up products, there are 25 gift boxes all together.  I have made a box to either display, gift or store the gifts boxes in as well.  

Each box is 2x2 so this should allow for a reasonable size chocolate treat 
or small gift to be placed inside. 
Should have enough time to make another couple of sets for the gala.  

Happy crafting. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Scrap album - gala crafts

Scrap Album

While cleaning out my craft room I came across some scrap paper that I had sewn together for no other reason than for something to do.   So to utilize the paper I decided to put together an album for the gala. 
These are the papers, two 8x8 sewn together 

All I needed was the front and back covers, so I used chipboard, a thickness of 2, for each cover.  I covered both piece with patterned paper and joined.  
This give the cover a little more stability.

 Then I used my Zutter to bind the book.
 It was looking a little bland so add a few handmade flowers (using pages from an old book)

 So I might make a box for the album now.  Watch this space. 
Happy crafting