Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Only a year to go until Autumn Escape 2015

What a blast at AE 2014 and yes only a year until the next.  We had a great time, meet wonderful people and completed some awesome classes.  

Some of the wonderful people:  Natalie May 

Here is one of her classes that Myself, Sarah and Michelle completed: 
 Yep,  I got a little messy with gesso and flicking of the mist on to the page but is was definitely worth it 

We completed 2 further amazing classes with Natalie which I will blog in the next day or 2, once I have completed placing all the photos.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Autumn escape 3 days to go

3,2,1,yep only 3 days to go.  This years Autumn escape starts this Friday on ANZAC day.

It is hard to actually explain how fantastic this event is but I have been waiting since last years AE. It is the only time that I spend more than 2 nights away from my boys and although hard to admit, it is great.  

This year I am heading to AE with two friends, staying at the wonderful Wairaki resort just out of Taupo, where the event is actually held and we are doing every class.  7 all up with 3 wonderful tutors, Nic Howard, Paula Cheney and Natalie May.  From the initial registration morning tea with fresh scones to the final gathering on the Sunday it is full on 
and worth ever cent.

I will blog my new memory catchers next week and I can pretty much guarantee that I will have some new techniques to play with as well.

I truly hope your weekend is going to be as exciting as mine.  Be well, be good


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter stage four: Easter is here.

Hooray, Easter is here,  the kids are always excited about this time of year, if only for the copious amounts of chocolate they get to eat without me frowning at them.  Thankfully it is only once a year.  And Tuesday they are back to a near sugar free menu. 

Here are some of the little gifts we have made for the grandparents. 
A slightly different shaped Explosion box.  

I used my standard template with a slight alteration to cater for the shape of the bunny.  
Here the second explosion box.  Two layers for the actual explosion box and then I made a transparency box to hold the chocolate 

Happy Easter everyone,  if travelling anywhere drive carefully.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Stage three: the journal

A thank you card really (semantics).  Here it is.  Kiwa helped with the folded card and completed the card with a personal note for his teacher,  who he will miss. 

Firstly I made the base with card stock making a 't' shaped card and then slowly layer the inside with a couple of more layers so Kiwa could add some butterfly embellishments. 

Firstly a reminder of the actual gift box 

And now the inside of the box with the folded card (and a couple of Easter chocolates)
The tags have little quotes on them. 

And what they can do, if they like, is to re-gift the box 
and card as Kiwa's written note can be removed. 

I love cards that are a little different.  Cards are often given and they sit pretty on the mantel, but I like to think that these types of cards are actually pick up again and again and looked at.      Kiwa liked the idea that his teacher would pick the card up and remember him.  So sweet.     

Hope you like this idea and that you are inspired to made one yourself.  
Would love to see them if you do. 



Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter stage two: Embellishing the gift box

Once the box is made there is the matter of decorating it. 

As this is for my sons teacher I decided not to go too over the top with embellishments as I am not such what she would prefer so to be on the safe side I have gone for the safer option of 'less is more'.  
(I know a little hard to believe and you know how much I love the lumpy bumpy) 

Here is the results:
I made some flowers using a sizzix die and scrap floral papers.  I utilised some kaiser flower die cuts and some beautiful butterfly embellishments that I had.   

Tomorrow I will start the third and final stage:  the journal. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Easter Stage one- Gift box

Great day at work, meet our new boss, well actually our old boss who is now our new boss.  Poor thing he just can't seem to get away from us.  LOL   All good and looking forward to getting back doing the stuff I really enjoy.  And it is pretty busy at this time of the year on the paid work side of things so it is good to get home and relax and do some scrapping. 

So back to the task at hand, as mentioned a very special Easter treat is required this year for Kiwa's teacher who is actually going on leave at the end of the term.  
Here is the first stage of the gift,  the Journal box. 

I started with a box that has seen better days but worth the effort to upcycle.  I removed the inside storage section as this was pulling the box lid to one side.  


Then I measured each section of the box (top, bottom and sides etc) and then cut matching cardboard pieces.  I fully covered each piece and then attached them to the matching sections.  I then made a storage section for the journal.  

I now have my base box.  Tomorrow I will embellish the box and start the journal.