Monday, September 23, 2013

Another year gone and 12 months to the next

Great fun was had by all at the Gala.  yes even with the rain the school had a wonderful fundraising event and we did pretty good.  

Here is some of the craft stall.

From my stash of goods I made I sold everything bar one Memory box and a couple packs of cards.  So Gregor is happy that I did bring too much home.  What an amazing bunch of crafters we have associated with the school, we had Wool hats,  Knitted slippers, Bunting, home cushions covers, decorative hearts and birds, handmade teddies, just to name a few of the craft goodies.  Just wonderful.  

And yes I finally have a new camera, so once I have figured out how to use it my photo quality will improve. 

And the zoom is amazing,  I can see my house from work (approx 1.5kms in a straight line).  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Only 4 days to go until the gala

Yep,  it has been a busy couple of days just getting the last of my things made for the St James gala.  Heres are some of the memory boxes. 

And here are a couple of the pocket albums that I have made.  
I love these, they just so cute.
Here is one that I have partly completed as a sample of 
how the album can be used.




Hope to see you there.