Junk journal weekend

 Unfortunately I got an early start this morning as my neighbor decided at 5.30am to wake everyone up with 30 minutes of fireworks. I was not a very happy person as this is usually the only day I get to sleep in.  

So after not being able to get back to sleep,  as my mind was too busy thinking of ways to get him back, I got up and found my happy place by doing some crafting. 

The results:  An envelope journal and a one sheet (12x12) fold-away journal

And how you ask?
Well here are some photos I prepared earlier: 

The envelope journal is a repurposed A4 envelope: 


The second journal is from a 12 by 12 piece of card stock.

Embellishments added



OK,  time for a nap. 

Happy crafting.




  1. What a very inconsiderate neighbour. I really like what you crafted and glad you found your happy place.


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