Welcoming in 2014

Yes, another year has past and another year begins.  Hoping that this year will be full of fun, love and friendships. 

Well, the holidays are over here in New Zealand for the majority and although the kids are still off school for another 3 weeks it is back to work for me.  After a couple of months off crafting I am back into the swing of things and I will be posting over the next couple of days some of the things I have been doing so keep watching. 

See you soon.  Jonnece

Here are some of the inspirational photos from the several hundred I have taken over the Christmas break.  Yes the kids got the pool setup. 

 Yep,  they made me do the Santa run.  Several hundred people dressed up as Santa and run around the city centre to raise money for the children in need. 
Not that much fun when it is summer and extremely hot.