Smash Book

A couple of months ago I joined other scrappers in a Smash book circle.  We each selected our Smash book title and over a couple of months each of us completed 2 x A5 size pages for each of other circle members.  As each person completed their batch of pages they sent them our co-ordinator.  When all the pages were received she collated into each persons batch and sent them off.  And I got mine today.  And yes I could not wait and as I had pre-made my cover,  I made the Book and here it is. 

 Here are the wonderful pages

Fantastic, I just love it. 



  1. looks awesome hun!, totally love how everyones are so different!

  2. Looking gorgeous! Love your cove r as well.Hope to get mine together in the next day or two!

  3. Love much, greeting from Belgium.


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