The start of something new - the best scrap journal ever.

For some time now I had envisaged that I would clear out my pile of scrap paper that I have saved up over the years in the hope that it would come in handy for cards etc.  Well,  this has not come about as yet so instead I am going to make a Journal (possibly journals) using only the scraps that I have.  I will not purchase anything new.  The journal,  hopefully will be a fusion of paper and fabric.  I would like to think that rather than being perfect,  it would be something that someone would look twice at, take in the detail and before opening, pause to  imagine what wonders could be inside. 

That's my hope so here goes 
- Watch this space - 

Today's lunch, and I am not good at sharing food, so everyone else is having sandwiches. 
 (courtesy of Stephen, he did drop off two, so I will share the second)