Project life

My friends, Michelle and Sarah have convinced me to join them in a project called 'Project Life'.   It is a project 365 days long (or 52 weeks depending on your preference)

"Project Life is a back-to-basics approach to memory-keeping.  No one's life is perfect but everyone has a story and every family has a collection of memories. Putting pictures + stories together in Project Life makes us more aware of our blessings and encourages us to cultivate a good life."

So anyway I have started as I got the album pages last week.  (the album should arrive in a couple of weeks)  Here is the first page.  You can select the setup for the page layout whether it is 6 sections (like this one) or 9 or 12.   My pages will depend on the events of the week.  I should have a couple more pages in a couple of days. 
A great little idea that should keep me busy.