Happy New year to everyone

Happy New year to everyone.  I have felt the need to craft now for several weeks but there was so much more to do over this period.  Christmas break started on the 22nd and from that point it was full on and unfortunately no spare time to relax and scrapbook.  Today was a pleasant break from the events of Christmas.  Michelle, Sarah and I got together for the first time in a month and it was great.  Here are the results of today, beside Michelle convincing me to purchase 52 week life project.  (should arrive in the post over the next week)  

  This is a photo taken at the Te hiwi Piahana Whanau reunion held over the new year.  
My little men are just so wonderful, (the big one is not so bad either).  The reunion was wonderful and a little bit emotional for me as I have not really had much to do with this side of my family for many years.  I was the only member of my immediate family there but I hope that in 5 years time my brothers will all be with me. 


I started with a photo frame just to easy myself back in to scrapbooking for 2012, so please excuse the photo, which was taken on a train trip for Gregor work's family christmas outing thru the gorge (% hours of my life I will never get back) just before christmas.  As many will know, train is the only option to get thru the gorge at present due to the massive slip blocking the road pass.  (NZTA certainly not to blame for the delays)  Long story short this photo was the only one that I had at Michelle that matched the papers I was using, plus now that I have had a look at the frame I feel that a little more embellishment is required, so this may change over the next few days.