Lockdown scrapbooking - project one

Gosh,  it feels such a long time since I last crafted but last night after a long week of working from home it was time for a wine and to put my feet up.  

While relaxing I saw a box that I have started to go thru a few months back, before things got busy, placed in the corner.  

So 'time to craft'.  

I gathered the box and some recycling yet to be put in the recycling bin and got started.

  Not quite sure what I was making but this is what I came up with after 2 hours. 



So tonight I will fill the mini book with some kindness quotes.   

Watch this space for the completed book. 

Keep safe, stay home and happy crafting. 


  1. This is lovely Jonnece. I like the idea of having the spiral rings at the top and bottom and not all the way down. It's also a good way to use up little bits left over from the strips of those. Look forward to seeing the completed book.


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