Three little cards.

I recently made these cards for a Card making competition.  I have never entered one before and it certainly gets your mind working over time just thinking about what you can do or should do.   

Cards mean different things to different people.  
Possibly something that brings back memories or just something to identify who give you the present.  And currently my boys favourite is the means to transport a gift card. 

   I made a card a few years ago now and spent a bit of time on the card and the envelope.   The first thing they did was to tear the envelope in half, hence now I attempt to use recycled paper or scraps for envelopes.   
Unfortunately the card did not fair much better and a couple days
after the birthday the card went into the rubbish.

  I am like my mother-in-law and I save a lot of the cards that I receive in particular those that have been handmade.  Even the handmade cards that the kids have received are stored away in their memory boxes.
    I recently meet a parent of one my sons school friends and they mentioned a card that he had given to their child for a birthday 3 years ago (a waterfall card). He still had it on display in his room.  Isn't that great?  
I like to think that a card is a little like a photo and can bring back memories.

Anyway back to the cards:      
You can decide which look you want for the front of this card. The inside cover has a blank section for a sentiment.  
This card is a little more girly and I love the feather on the tag just under the doll stamp.
And yep,  I made a envelope for each of the cards. 
This card is similar to a card I made for my father-in-law.  He is not in to fuss and like things simple.  

I hope you enjoy.