It has been a long time....

You know those moments in life when you need to stand back and take a breath, well that is about now for me.  Life has been hectic.  With a bereavement (my father) early last month and an a family illness, my life has been a little on hold while I just do what needs to be done, in the hope that others believe that you are managing everything.   You often watch movies where things like the above happens and some how the lead just gets on with what is needed and everything looks pretty and life is sweet.  
Hm, wouldn't that be great, but no Oscar here unfortunately.

Well, after many deep breaths, beautiful family (Gregor, Brennan and Carlynn), wonderful friends, who just sit there and let you rant and of course those moments when no one is watching, hopefully I am back on track to normality. 

So today, I have a scrap play date tomorrow evening, first one in a few months.  It is a little funny that for the first time in many years I have not taken that many photos for the last 2 months so hopefully I have a photo that needs a layout completed.  

Please watch this space I will be back scrapping my spare time away.

Nga mihi mahana