Easter Stage one- Gift box

Great day at work, meet our new boss, well actually our old boss who is now our new boss.  Poor thing he just can't seem to get away from us.  LOL   All good and looking forward to getting back doing the stuff I really enjoy.  And it is pretty busy at this time of the year on the paid work side of things so it is good to get home and relax and do some scrapping. 

So back to the task at hand, as mentioned a very special Easter treat is required this year for Kiwa's teacher who is actually going on leave at the end of the term.  
Here is the first stage of the gift,  the Journal box. 

I started with a box that has seen better days but worth the effort to upcycle.  I removed the inside storage section as this was pulling the box lid to one side.  


Then I measured each section of the box (top, bottom and sides etc) and then cut matching cardboard pieces.  I fully covered each piece and then attached them to the matching sections.  I then made a storage section for the journal.  

I now have my base box.  Tomorrow I will embellish the box and start the journal.