Memory Journal and box

Another week gone.  The weather is not that great at the moment so all the more reason to stay in doors.  The kids seem to pick up anything that is going around and when they are not well they are hard to entertain but with all that I did manage to complete a couble of things over the past month.  First is a memory box and journal.  

The box I made from scratch using cardstock and a very basic template.  1 and 1/2 inches (4cms) sides and the base 1/8th inche (5mm) bigger that the journal that is to be placed inside which for this box was 7 and 1/8th (18.2cms)

So in this case, I cut a 10 and 1/8 inche square,  scoring 1and 1/2 inches in on all sides, I then cut a tab in each corner and folder up to make the box base.  The lid is the same construction but I reduced the sides by a1/4 of an inche and added a further 1/8th to the base measure to allow the lid to fit over the top of the box base.   

The journal is parcel folded. 

when opened, reveals a selection of pages on which photos and notes can be added.