Smash Journal for Clementine

The boys had a friend come visit over the weekend and as a little gift they complete a little journal with little things that they have made.

The base of the journal is made from an upcycled folder with a recycled denim pocket, clothes pegs and even broken earrings.  The boys copied out some poems and drew pictures and placed them throughout the journal. 
 Arahi putting the finishing touches to the cover
 Here are a couple of the pages
Here is the earring piece that we used
I love the creativity of kids.  It has taken a little time for me to just let them do what they want instead of correcting or adjusting their work to fit how I feel it needs to be.    There are the occassions where it is best that I make the hole or cut the card just in case they lose a finger. but I am learning to stand back a little.