Smash Journal Swap

For the last couple of months I have been involved in a Smash Journal swap.  This involves a group of scrappers completing Smash journal pages for each other.  Similar to a cycle journal where you complete a double page layout for a person who has selected a Album theme.  In this case we each selected a journal theme.  We each then complete 2 x A5 pages in each theme.  In swap we had 8 scrappers.   Once you have completed the pages for each theme you send them to our co-ordinator.  She then collates everyones pages and once she have them all, they are sent to the respective journal owner. 

In preparation for my pages arriving I have completed my journal binding (front and back covers) and here they are.  
My journal theme is 'Quotes to live your life by'
I made the covers from scratch.  To allow me to add pages without the journal getting to bulky I have made a concertina spine, to which I can add back to back pages. 
Each cover is two thicknesses of cardboard.  Basically you cover each piece and then join hiding all the pattern page edges in between, together with the Journal ties.  

Once I get my pages I will blog the Journal.