The start of the Circle Journal

After Scrap Camp and being inspired by the Circle Journals completed by a group of ladies from Waipukurau,  A group of us have decided to start our own Circle journals.  Over the next couple of weeks each of us will decided on a theme and then make and prepare our journal for circulation around the group. We will each complete our journal cover and introduction page.  We will then scrapbook the first pages of the journal and then pass it on to the next person on the list. The owner of each journal will not see it again for another 10 months. Each member would have contributed to each persons journal, and the journals will be complete and ready to presented back to the owner at the next scrap camp (Jun 2012) 

Here is the start of my journal and in a years time I will blog the completed journal.
Yep, my journal is our Bucket lists.  As the others complete their themes and initial preparation I will let you know.  Check out Fiona's blog,  she is also a member of the circle Journal group.